Products (Going Beyond T-Shirts)

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In the last couple of blog posts, we talked about how print-on-demand (POD) and Nymbl uses POD technology to help customers build a store and merchandise their designs. If you missed those posts, you can find them here and here. While reading those posts, you most likely kept thinking of the final products as t-shirts. It’s no secret that t-shirts are probably the most popular item for people to sell when it comes to merchandising their designs and brand. In this post we’ll go into how POD is great for not only t-shirts, but an almost endless range of products that go well beyond t-shirts. We’ll then go into how you should look at what products fit your target markets best and how utilizing them to accelerate your brand.

Let’s start with the most basic type of merchandise, apparel.  Apparel is popular for several reasons. Everyone one wears clothes, so it might as well have your brand on it right!? It’s true that apparel is a great way to share your brand and designs with the masses. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests and hats are among the most popular apparel. With POD however, the apparel products quickly expand onto clothing that can’t really be screen printed on. Things like socks, underwear, dresses, scrubs, leggings and headbands all become vehicles to market your brand. It’s cool to see someone wearing leggings with your logo on them at the gym!

With print on demand, offering many products beyond apparel becomes easy. Popular items include coffee mugs, pillows, blankets, phone cases, shower curtains, beach towel and almost anything else you can think of. This allows you to customize what products have which designs on them so that they are tailored to your audience.

Let’s go over a couple examples of how the ability to print on endless types of products might work in the real world. We’ll use a coffee shop as the first example. Now the obvious products almost every coffee shop would sell would probably be t-shirts and coffee cups. These are awesome and need to be included in the product offerings, but when you think more deeply about the types of products that would be cool to offer, you start to come up with a lot of really neat ways to sell your brand. For instance, you could offer a French press, an old school alarm clock, a few different types of insulated travel mugs, cream and sugar holders, posters or blankets. All of these tie in with the coffee theme and the brand you are trying to build, but go beyond just a cool t-shirt design. This brings a more creative narrative to your brand and makes for unique ways to market it.

Another example would be a band. Again, the most obvious product to market your band on would be apparel but offering other cool music related items would be awesome too. Things like vinyl’s, drum heads, guitar picks, canvases or custom photos. All of these items could be available for your band to sell even if you aren’t a big name yet. As long as you have a fanbase that is interested, you can sell them cool products without having to keep an inventory of the products yourself.

To successfully merchandise your brand in today’s world, you must be unique and nimble enough to change your product offerings with your target markets. Thinking outside the box and offering cool and unique products can give you a leg up on your competition and help market your brand.

If you are looking for some help coming up with cool ideas and nontraditional products, give us a call! We’d love to assist you in successfully merchandising your business!

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