Using Holidays to Drive Sales and Enthusiasm

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This blog is going to be a little bit more fun and will hopefully get your creative juices flowing. We are going to discuss one technique for gaining followers and customers for your stores and brand. The best part is that it’s simple and you can use it in a lot of different ways. It’s using holiday’s that people celebrate to create interest in your brand and designs and using them and their timing to increase selling your products.

Nearly everyone celebrates holidays. Not everyone celebrates the same ones, but there are celebrations that people gravitate towards. Of course, there are very well-known ones that we all recognize like Christmas and the 4th of July (for people in the US), but there are a lot of silly, obscure ones that have become increasingly popular in the more recent years. Almost everyday is a national or international day of something and a lot of these days are odd and fun! Just log on to twitter on any given day and you’ll likely see one of the trending topics is one or two weird holidays. For reference, here are a couple of several lists or calendars you can find online that list these holidays.

Now that you have no doubt gone down the rabbit hole of obscure holidays like, “World Gardening Naked Day,” lets go over how these silly and simple holidays can increase your sales, visibility to new customers, and promote your brand.

When you are creating new designs for products, look way ahead into the future, say three to four months out. This will give you time to create the design, develop the design for products and then allow time for marketing, product manufacturing and delivery. This will give the customer plenty of time before using their item to celebrate the holiday with.

When you are marketing these products and designs, make sure you inform the customer what day your product is designed to celebrate and when that day is. Let’s use one as an example. National Nachos Day. Now National Nachos Day falls on November 6th. When you are marketing products, you want to make sure to tell people that November 6th is coming up soon and they should buy your product to ensure they are ready to partake in the celebrations. Because there is a deadline, this will get them to buy now so they don’t forget and let November 6th pass by. As the date gets closer, your marketing can also have a more crucial feeling behind it which can lead to more sales as they feel they might get left out.

Once the holiday arrives, try and get photos or your customers using your product. This will create a fun community for you and your customers to rally around. It also gives you an opportunity to market some more upcoming holidays. I mean, National Pizza Day is only a few months away on Feb 9th! This will help you to build your brand and sell more!

The great thing about using these holidays to your advantage is just the sheer number of them. You can have several a week so there is a huge opportunity to make designs and products to fit almost any target group or niche. You must use some creativity with you designs. People love the exclusivity among their friends and co-workers and will look to you to make sure they have all the right items for their fun day.

If you have any fun or cool designs that you have modeled off holiday’s we would love to see them!

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