Exclusive Products (Taking your designs to another level)

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If you read some of the earlier blog posts, you hopefully learned a little bit about print on demand and how it has its advantages by utilizing digital print technology that applies your design directly to a garment or other product using a type of digital printer. This is a great way to get started and to provide products to most people, but if you own a business or have more professional designs, you may want to take it up a notch and provide you customers with exclusive products. When we say “exclusive products,” we are talking about products that are custom and not part of our normal offerings. A tshirt would not be considered an exclusive product, but a polo with an embroidered logo would be.

Some users will provide interesting exclusive products for fun and others might use it for business purposes. Maybe some of your employees need more professional garments with your company logo. This is where you (as a merchant) can get creative not only with your designs, but with you products. We are able to put just about any design or logo on to any product. Popular items include hats, polos, vests, backpacks, stickers, messenger bags and more!

We can also customize types of products we already offer through our digital printing. Maybe you own a gym and would like a t shirt geared more towards athletes and therefore don’t necessarily want only cotton tees. We can find you a moisture-wicking athletic shirt that might work better. These can then be printed digitally just like any other product.

Exclusive products can also be excellent options for your staff or for giveaways. For example, if you run a store that is more geared towards people who love the outdoors, a solid marketing strategy would be to have a contest or giveaway where you provide a nicer product such as a backpack, water bottle or a hat with your designs on it. This would be a great way to market your other items and bring attention to your store. If the response is good enough, you may think about offering those products all the time.

While we can get just about anything, our main supplier of apparel and other items include the following companies: Alpha Broder, Custom Color Solutions and SamMar. If you are looking for exclusive products, searching these sites are a good start in finding what you like. Once you find some products you’d like to offer on your site, please email us at and make sure to give us the site name and product number along with a description of what you are looking for. We will then do custom mock-ups and add them to your Nymbl store. We have pretty much seen it all, so please bring even your craziest ideas to us!

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