Finding Your Niche

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In previous blogs we talked a little bit about marketing, particularly about social media marketing. We think it’s time to get a little more in depth with that. In this blog we are going to talk a little bit about digging deep into your interests, but more importantly, your target audiences’ interests. This is often referred to a niche market. Essentially, you want to create and market products a specific audience has a passion for.

You probably already have an idea what niche market or a few of them you want to go after. In fact, the reason you chose that market is because you probably also have a passion to that particular subject area. However, if you are looking to be a good business person, you may want to do some research and pick out some niche markets that have a large volume of people that have an almost obsessive passion about that particular subject area, then market directly to those people.

Some really good niche markets can include, animal lovers, foodies, coffee drinkers, craft beer fans, political junkies, airplane enthusiasts, sci-fi fans, movie buffs and so much more. While this list barely scratches the surface, it does give some good examples of what kind of niche markets you can craft your products and marketing with. As you read each of those subjects you likely thought about a t-shirt or product that would sell well to people who are into each of those subjects. This is what we mean by finding a niche.

Once you have found that niche, you need to make designs that fit this niche. You probably aren’t going to sell many products with the Back to the Future DeLorean on it to people who are into craft beer. You will however, sell tons of those products to people who love the 80’s, retro clothes and movie buffs. In order to market to these groups, you’re going to have to do a little research and find their virtual hangouts. Find Facebook groups where these folks gather, find hashtags on twitter or Instagram feeds that feature that niche. Maybe there are some blogs that have high traffic that cater to the same audience. Once you find the people you can engage with some paid or native content that will help sell your items and get your store out there. This would also be a great opportunity to solicit feedback on your designs and find out other potential designs people are looking for. These tactics should help you sell a lot of products.

People are extremely proud of the things they are passionate about. They are so proud that they want to share their passions with others. Your products could very well be the best way they share what they are into with their friends, family, strangers and more importantly, others who are into the same thing. The hardest part of all of this is finding a niche and sticking with it.

Remember, that you can have as many Nymbl stores as you want, so find a few niches and create a few stores that cater to those specific niches. As always, we are here to help so shoot us an email at if you have any question or need any help finding your niche!

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