Using Your ECommerce Store for Fundraising

By September 13, 2019 No Comments

You’re all familiar with the old school ways that organizations fund raise. You go to an event at the local hotel ballroom or watch a PBS telethon or have your co-workers approach you with some sort of sales sheet for their children. While all these do serve their purpose, the rise of the internet and eCommerce especially has made fundraising easier and more fun! In this blog, we’ll go over some very simple ways to help your favorite organization raise some money while giving your supporters a tangible product they can be proud of.

With the rise of the internet and social media, non profits and other organizations have found new ways to raise money that are usually easier and require less manpower to accomplish. A lot of times it’s posts on social media or a way to text in a donation. One of the best old school ways to raise money was to sell something. Cookies, candy, popcorn or whatever, but the days of pledge sheets and door to door solicitation of donations is nearly over. However, with eCommerce sites like Nymbl, these two ways to fund raise are starting to converge.

One of the coolest uses of platforms like Nymbl’s is that you can start a fundraising campaign for any organization and let the profits from the sales of your products be your fundraising dollars. By doing this you are giving your supporters a tangible item that they can be excited to wear or use while being proud of the cause they are supporting. At the same time this gives the organization a way to further market their organization and raise more fund to support their mission.

The best way to maximize your exposure and raise the most money is to first, have some really cool designs made up. If its just a shirt with a logo on it, it may not sell very well. However, with some really cool designs, even people who may not know much about your organization will contribute just because the products are so neat. Cool designs also give you a better opportunity for your marketing. Something eye catching on social media or your website will spark a lot more interest. If you can, get photos of people volunteering or having fun wearing some of the products to even further maximize your marketing efforts. Visuals go a long way.

When using products to fund raise, make sure to provide products people really want! Change it up. If your organization had 2 major fundraising pushes a year, consider doing a fall apparel line up and a spring one. Make sure the designs are different and consider even switching up types of apparel. For example in fall, maybe offer a jacket, whereas in the spring you could offer a tank top. The point is, be creative and give your fundraising efforts a little bit of thought. You will be more excited and so will your supporters. When your supporters are excited, donations go up!

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