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How to Choose the Best Colors?

By September 27, 2019 No Comments

A “Think With Google” post was recently published about fashion insights that Google can understand through search queries. Knowing what products, designs, and colors actual shoppers are searching for by region is invaluable for the Print on Demand industry. This helps us all to thoughtfully consider what our customers are wanting to purchase in terms or styles, designs, and colors. Knowing these things can increasing the likelihood for them to purchase products.

Colorful Clothing on Hangers

What color do my customers want?

My favorite quote from the article was:

“When it comes to tops, while white and black might be the most popular colors, making up 36% and 14% of top color searches respectively, bolder hues are faster risers. Searches for yellow- and orange-colored tops (like corals, peach, salmon, and apricot) have risen by 63% and 82% respectively in the past year. We’ve also seen a rise in searches for things like neon tops.“

We think making sure you have your designs available in both black and white is the first step to success. Then expand your color offering depending on your location and customer demographics. Right now, things are trending towards more bright colors in the U.S. focused stores.

Don’t take my word for it read the whole article and share with us what insights you pick up.

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