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Why Nymbl is Ideal for Influencers

By October 21, 2019 No Comments

You’ll hear the term “influencer” thrown around a lot these days, and you may not know exactly what people are talking about when they refer to them, but in this blog we’ll look at why influencers exist, how they thrive, and why the Nymbl platform can take these people’s influence to the next level.

In case you don’t already know what an influencer is, it is someone who is normally a popular and charismatic person, and who has a deep knowledge about a particular subject or niche. They use this popularity to test or try products in order to inform the general population. There are travel influencers that help tell you where to go and when, photography influencers who are always testing the newest gear, and even video game influencers who play games and review them. Just about anything you take interest in, you probably know a handful of influencers who talk about that subject.

After some time, these influencers become a brand of their own. Some become the number one expert in their field and people take notice. Their fans are normally highly engaged in the subject matter and tend to be highly supportive of influencers they like. This is where some influencers fall short and how Nymbl could help fill in the gap.

As some of these influencers become big brands themselves, they sometimes don’t necessarily know how to capitalize on their popularity. Sometimes they will just keep producing great content or use their platform to help advertise. Other times, they may hire an agency to help them expand their brand and sphere of influence to help create the best content and generate the most profit possible. Nymbl can offer consumers products featuring the brand these influencers have built.

Products ranging from t-shirts, to coffee mugs are possible. Many influencers may want to offer branded products that match their specific niche. For instance, if you are a travel influencer, things like luggage tags or cell phone chargers may make a lot more sense than home goods. This is where we can help you develop a set of products that match your industry, personality, and your goals. The Nymbl platform can display on your existing website and can be customized to replicate the look and feel of your brand along with custom text to get your message across.

If you are an influencer who is looking to expand your brand or you know an influencer who is excellent at their job, and want some products from them, Nymbl can help set up an awesome eCommerce store for free and get you moving in the right direction. Visit us a or reach us at

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