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New Image Masks Perfect for DTG Custom Shirts

By October 25, 2019 No Comments

Nymbl added new image masks, maybe not the type of masks you are thinking about only a week away from Halloween, but our team has been working hard behind the scenes and we are excited to show these new options to you. These maks are designed to be easy to use and help make your family photos, beautiful landscape paintings or any other .jpg files look interesting on apparel. If you are concerned about additional cost or limitations with your images, don’t worry because Nymbl uses DTG (Direct to Garment) print-on-demand fulfillment partners which means that there are no limits on colors or increased prices for your custom-designed shirts.

Some people think Nymbl’s custom merchandise is only for designers or people with witty sayings. Nymbl is for everyone and we want to make creating custom apparel easy and fun. To do that we now have 10 creative masks that help escape the square edges of typical images and pictures. We are hoping that these new masks inspire each of you to share your creations and with your custom t-shirt designs. 

For those of you who are artists whether you are a digital artist with amazing illustrations or sketches or maybe a painter, these new masks can help get your art t-shirt ready. With masks like Angled Brush Strokes and Square Film more of your artwork is visible and the edges are given some additional texture from the mask. Whereas both the Rayed Triangle and Thin Line Triangles masks show less of your image but make for some cool looking shirts showcasing your hard work. 

2 mask options shown with digital illustration

Angled Brush Strokes & Square Film Mask Applied to Witch Digital Illustration

2 mask options shown with a painting

Rayed Triangle & Thin Line Triangles Masks Applied to a Fall Scenery Painting

Maybe you are snapping family photos with your cell phone and want stunning custom shirts for your family. Professional Photographers, we have masks for you to choose from and easy ways to get your shots ready for custom-designed shirts so you can diversify your revenue. The Pentagon Textured, Hexagon Textured, Three Triangles, Double Triangle and Diamonds Textured masks keep most of your image and add interest with texture and additional thin lines. While the Square Textured mask provides a distressed look on the edges but keeps most of the image visible. All of these masks will be ideal for your photography based custom shirts.

2 mask options shown with a family photo

Pentagon Textured & Hexagon Textured Masks Applied to a Family Beach Photo

2 mask options shown with a moon photo

Three Triangles & Square Textured Masks Applied to an Image of the Moon

2 mask options shown with night sky photography

Double Triangle & Diamonds Textured Masks Applied to Professional Night Photography


Test out all 10 of the custom image masks today with your favorite images and tag us on social when you share what you have created. 

Don’t forget how great your images can look on some of our other custom merchandise as well.

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